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Hinduism & Temples

Hinduism in South Sudan

Hinduism is not a widely practiced religion in South Sudan. The population practicing Hinduism is relatively small compared to the followers of Christianity and Islam. South Sudan’s demographics primarily consist of Christians, Muslims, and followers of indigenous African religions.

As of my last update in early 2022, there were limited, if any, Hindu temples or organized Hindu communities within South Sudan. The Hindu population in the country, if present, might be composed of individuals or small groups rather than an established community.

Hinduism in South Sudan

The presence of Hinduism in South Sudan is not significant in terms of religious influence, cultural impact, or the establishment of temples or formal religious institutions. The majority of religious practices and institutions in South Sudan are centered around Christianity, Islam, and indigenous African religions.

However, in regions with a limited Hindu population, individuals or families might practice Hinduism in private settings or small gatherings without prominent temples or formal religious structures.

It’s essential to note that the religious landscape in South Sudan has primarily been dominated by Christianity and Islam, and the presence of other religions, such as Hinduism, is limited in terms of visibility and influence within the country.