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Athletics in South Sudan

Athletics, particularly track and field events, are gaining recognition and attention in South Sudan. The country has shown promise in producing talented athletes, especially in long-distance running and other track disciplines.

Athletics in South Sudan is an area with significant potential, and efforts are ongoing to nurture talent, improve training facilities, and provide support for athletes to compete at the international level. While challenges exist, the enthusiasm for athletics and the talent displayed by South Sudanese athletes are encouraging signs for the future development of the sport in the country.

Overview of Athletics in South Sudan

Long-Distance Running

South Sudanese athletes have demonstrated notable prowess in long-distance running. Athletes from the country have participated in various international competitions, showcasing their talent and potential on the global stage.

Emerging Talent

Efforts are underway to identify and train young athletes across the country. Various initiatives aim to support and develop talent in athletics, focusing on disciplines like sprinting, middle and long-distance running, as well as field events.


Despite the potential for success in athletics, South Sudan faces challenges in providing adequate training facilities, coaching, and resources for athletes. Limited infrastructure and funding constraints have hindered the full development of athletics within the country.

International Participation

South Sudanese athletes have competed in international competitions such as the Olympics, World Championships, and regional events, representing the country and showcasing their abilities.

Role Models and Inspiration

Successful South Sudanese athletes serve as role models for aspiring young athletes, inspiring them to pursue excellence in sports despite challenges.